Sunday, April 04, 2010

Wedding Time Line

12 Months before:

  • Announce your engagement.
  • Arrange for your parents to get together if they haven’t already met.
  • Select a date.
  • Choose the kind of wedding you want.
  • Go over the budget. (Include both sets of parents if they will be paying for any portion of the event.)
  • Work on guest list to get a rough guest count.
  • Reserve the ceremony site and talk to the pastor.
  • Reserve a reception site.

6-9 Months before:

  • Purchase a wedding planner.
  • Choose your wedding party.
  • Decide on a caterer.
  • Enroll in bridal gift registry.
  • Shop for a gown.
  • Shop for attendants’ dresses.
  • Choose a photographer and, if desired, a videographer.
  • Hire a florist.
  • Book musicians and/or DJ.

4-6 Months before:

  • Order wedding invitations, envelopes, and thank-you cards.
  • Order your wedding gown.
  • Order tuxedos for the groom and groomsmen.
  • Shop for cake.
  • Scout accommodations so you can send guests a list of nearby hotels in various priceranges. (Most hotels offer lower rates when you tell them a group is coming.)
  • Meet with the caterer or banquet manager to discuss menus, service style, etc.
  • Complete the guest list.
  • Arrange the rehearsal dinner.

2-4 Months before:

  • Call county clerk’s office to find out about requirements for the marriage license.
  • Check state requirements for blood tests.
  • Make honeymoon reservations, and compile all necessary travel documents.
  • Pick ceremony and reception music. (Check with ceremony site about any restrictions.
  • Order wedding cake.
  • Complete honeymoon plans.
  • Meet with party-rental companies if special supplies, such as candelabras, tables and chairs are being used for the ceremony or reception.

4-8 Weeks before:

  • Mail invitations eight weeks ahead of the date.
  • Have final dress fitting and select headpiece.
  • Buy your fiancé’s wedding gift.
  • Buy thank-you gifts for the attendants.
  • Look over insurance papers with your fiancé (car, life, medical, home) – You may need to make changes in the policies when you go from single to married.

2-3 Weeks before:

  • Arrange seating for the reception.
  • Confirm details with caterer, florist, etc.
  • Give caterer the final head count.
  • Send an engagement photograph with a wedding announcement to the newspapers.

1 Week before:

  • Place fees in envelopes to be given to the organist, soloist, minister, etc., on the big day.
  • Appoint a reliable pal to bring a cake knife, toasting glasses or other heirlooms to the wedding site before hand (and to be responsible for getting them home again).
  • Get a manicure, pedicure, facial, massage or other beauty treatment of your choice.
  • Pack for the honeymoon. (Arrange for someone to bring your luggage and going-away clothes to the reception site if you are leaving from the reception.)

The day before:

  • Greet out-of-town guests.
  • Go to the gym, take a long walk, or do some other stress-reducing activity.
  • Schedule time for a bubble bath, facial or a hair-styling appointment before the rehearsal dinner.
  • Attend the wedding rehearsal and dinner.

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