Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Servitude Attitude

Have you given much thought to cultivating a servitude attitude? This attitude is essential if you plan to minister to others. I am not talking about dropping your household chores like the disciples did their fishing nets, and following Christ to the next town. You can minister to people in need within your reach. I’m talking about the people who live in your circle, the ones you rub shoulders with in the midst of your daily routines.  If you desire to MINISTER to them, you must have an attitude of servitude. You are at their disposal, waiting for an opportunity to make their lives easier, happier, and more fulfilled. If you will digest the servitude attitude concept and practice it, you will be a true “minister,” one who ministers to the needs of others.

Another interesting benefit of a servant’s attitude, is respect. It is impossible to gain respect from others by demanding it. I’m sure you have witnessed this attitude among your acquaintances, but when you begin serving others, and showing humility, respect will come. It will be earned by the simple act of serving.