Thursday, August 06, 2009

Conversation Etiquette

Once you have met a new friend, you begin talking to each other, learning what things you have in common and other details to help the relationship along. It is imperative to have a balance of listening and talking to accomplish the ideal conversation. It is amazing how many people can make conversation but have difficulty communicating. Conversation etiquette includes the ability to communicate as you interact with another person. For some, this takes discipline, especially if they like to do all the talking. Frankly, if you do all the talking, you need to learn to stop and listen. Give the other person a chance to say something. You may find that the people you talk to every day are really quite interesting.

Conversation is a two-way connection. When one person dominates the conversation, it is like cutting the phone piece in half and holding just the mouthpiece. It is obvious that the person dominating the conversation is not in the least interested in what you have to say if she never gives you a chance to say it. What would happen if she cut the phone piece in half? She would end up with no one to talk to because the communication device has been broken. The same misfortune happens when someone breaks the device of two-way communication. They may end up talking to themselves.