Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Announcing the Engagement

On a crisp November evening, the stars were specks of twinkling diamonds in the clear sky. It was a dreamy night, the night I became engaged. Of course, it is much more romantic as I remember it now, a few decades later. The happiness that engulfed me made my feet feel as though they would never touch the ground again. I was engaged to be married! From that moment on, my world was a blur of excited planning mixed with even bouts of euphoria and stress.

Perhaps your day is almost here; the day you have dreamed of. You are engaged to Mr. Wonderful and it won’t be long before you will be a bride. This is your dream-come-true. You will be the beautiful princess in a long flowing white gown, ready to meet your prince, the man of your dreams.

Beautiful weddings don’t guarantee beautiful marriages. But every bride wants a wedding that will be forever etched in her memory. As is your marriage, your wedding will be as beautiful as the time invested planning. When you think about all the details that planning a wedding involves, it can be very overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. If you plan ahead you may find that planning your wedding can be actually fun!

Your Prince Charming has popped the question and you have agreed to marry your One and Only. Now you want the world to know. I would not suggest climbing to the roof and shouting your engagement announcement from there, although that is probably how you feel. Your family should be the first in line to hear the announcement. Get together and tell both of your parents first (unless of course, your beloved got their permission before asking you!) Even so, it is a great idea to share the news personally with them. The best way to let your friends and family know the good news is to make a formal announcement. This can be done by having an engagement party, publishing it in the local newspaper, or sending our formal announcements. Whatever the choice, have fun sharing the news! And by the way, congratulations!

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