Friday, June 15, 2012

Fathers Day Gift Giving

One of the most exhilarating things I can think of is finding the perfect gift and watching someone’s eyes dance when they open it. As I have gotten older, I would rather watch my children  and grand children open gifts on Christmas than open my own. I don’t want to miss their expressions. Why do I feel this way? Because I love them and I love making them happy. It is the same for anyone you love. Making them happy is the best gift you can give. 
Father’s day is coming up. If you are like me, I’m frequently in a quandary as to what gift would be the perfect gift for father. We kid about the “annual tie” or pair of socks (in various colors; black or brown) but this year, why not “WOW” father with a gift that is personal and endearing. A box of candy for the Dad with a sweet tooth, or who says men don’t like flowers? If your Dad is a green-thumb kind of guy, why not get him a plant or tree to add to his landscape? What about those special sunglasses he’s had his eye on but didn’t want to spring the $70 for them? Gift cards are always fun for the person that loves to shop. Your father may love to browse the local home improvement or computer store. Is your Dad an iTunes user? You can always get a nice gift card from his favorite restaurant. There are endless possibilities, but the most important thing is finding the perfect gift that personalizes your affection for him. 
Here are a few tips for giving gifts for any occasion: 
  1. Always remove the price tag from the gift you plan to give. If you feel they may need to exchange an item, keep the receipt and let the recipient know they are welcome to exchange it. Most stores will print a “gift receipt” upon request. This makes it very convenient to exchange an item. These receipts have a bar code so the cashier can tell how much the item was, but it is not printed on the receipt. This type of receipt can be included in the wrapping of the gift. I usually tape it on the outside of the box or put it in with the card.
  2. Either wrap the gift in wrapping paper or use a gift bag. Handing a gift still in the store’s merchandise bag shows a lack of planning and may come across insensitive to the occasion. To the recipient, the time put into the presentation of a gift can often be interpreted as care and affection.
  3. Unless you are attending a party where gifts are opened in public, or it is a group presentation (for a teacher, pastor, or boss), a private intimate choice is more endearing for gift giving. If you want your recipient to open the gift upon receipt, express that desire to them as you give them the gift. To some it may be a little embarrassing, but most people will accommodate the giver if they request it.
  4. As a token of care and concern, offer to remove the trash after giving a gift. This is, of course, not necessary, but when many gifts are included, it shows a little extra endearment for the person receiving the gifts. After all, this is their day. Make it extra special.

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